Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Thank you to everyone who donated In Memory Of and In Honor Of your loved ones.


In Memory of Karen Morrell

Bob and Roberta Kelly

Dr. and Mrs. William Bresonis

Judith Greco

Jennifer and William Ziskin

Pamela and John Hotaling

Elizabath and Salvatore Perillo

Terri and Jerry Barnell

Jane Lee Ritter

Peter, Brenda and Todd Corey

Sharon Kravis

Betty and Tom Minnitti

Louise Drozic

Donald MacVean

Carol Ann and Lawrence Spagnola

Mary Ann and Dan Jurcsak

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barbuto

Carol, Anthony and Nicholas Constantino

Diana and Thomas Hojohn

Christine and Edmond Galka

Mary and Norman Marcotte

John Poremba

Yvonne and Stephen Picciocca

Dianne Santos

Daniel Greco

Linda Morrell

Tracey Hojohn

Barbara Flaming

Edward Lis

Carol Rathbun

Susan Keiley Schumann

Janet Adamchick

Jean Wharton

Madeline McCune

Lou Gowdie

Sue Halney

Jacqueline Murphy

Faith Stark

Stephanie Persico

Donna Picciocca

Geraldine Parillo

Melanie Dylis

Beverly and Gary Greco

Dennis and Donna Bull

Donald and Elizabeth Kline

Peter Mikolaitis

Lou and Patti Frollo

Robert and Vivian Fitz James

Barry and Emily Fitz James

Grace Perfetti

Bob and Betty Donahue

Gary and Leslie Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Baker

Joseph and Kathleen Natale

Mildred Fitz James

Susan and John O’Keefe

Kristin Santos

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rapello

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parillo

Terry Gray

Michael Downey


In Memory of Diane Garrasi

Cheryl and John Sparks


In Memory of “Denver” Shyne

Gretchen and Dan Shyne


In Memory of Clifford Bates

Richard and Barbara Andrus

Leon and Cecilia Foss


In Memory of Kenneth Van Wie

Betty and John Gross


In Memory of Beverly Ann Bascom

Timothy Hennessy


In Memory of Tyles Giles

Christine and Charles Pietro


In Memory of Rosemay Sliva Poole

Debbie and Jack Parker

Michael Spina

Joanne and Ronald Gras

Sheila and Paul Cotoia

Deborah and Alexander Roginski

Carol and Ray Bylicki

Maureen Frisch

Janet and Charles Amoroso

Sharon Kravis

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hotaling

The Tonko Family

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parillo

Donna Mochrie

Dennis Dabiere

Susan LoBalbo – dedicated to New Shelter Building Fund

Nancy Baghaei-Rad

Keith and Mary Holland

Nancy Gomula

Rita and Paul Parillo

Annie and Peter Geddis

Ann and Richard Frank

Jim and Susan Baia-Phillips

Stephanie Boice

Robert Parillo

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Leggiero

Patricia Leggiero

Ray Cetnar

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zumbolo

The Salerno Family

The Inglese Family

Antonina, Mike and Ashley Weil

Darlene Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peeke

Judith Cassetta

Mr. and Mrs. David Tollner

Mr. and Mrs. William Cowan

Mr. and Mrs. James Izzano

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parillo

Paul Ochal

Grace Perfetti

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pozniak

Christopher Leonetti

Richard and Linda Baia

Jan and Diane Demerse

James Galarneau

Joan Herrington

Mr. and Mrs. David Lis

Ginny and Tom Bottisti


In Memory of Norma Jean Rich

Mary Lou Crane


In Memory of Frances Copp

Sue and Joe Pozniak

Nancy Rogers

Helen Seward

Raymond and Catherine Moissonnier

First Baptist Church

Lori Bushey

Donna and John Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Bert DeRose


In Memory of Nicholas Maphia

Jane and William Bowler

Elaine and Peter Vertucci

Jill and Dan Russom

Mary Jo and Jack Gennett

Chickie Iannotti, Tammy Iannotti-Biasini and Jacquelyn DiScenza

John Lauriello

The Edinburg Common School Family

Mary Sniezyk

Clayton Sitterly

Joan Silvernail

Frances and Anthony Biviano

Joseph and Helen Abbattisti

Bruce and Terry Van Genderen

Lorie Urquehart

Slas and Cindy

Pauline and Robert Kosineski

Archie and Janice Rose, Jr.

Dick and Lonnie Chmura

FPTA – Fort Plain Central School

Montgomery County Department of Public Works


In Memory of Helen Bramer

Candace and John Martuscello


In Memory of William McGaffin

Wanda and Patrick Madej

Candace and Russell Hinkle

Dorothy Richeson

Alturm Group

Madeline Bottisti

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zierak

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Weaver

Gloria Lockhart

Laurie and John Lansing

Raymond Halgas

Francis and Margaret Szyjkowski


In Memory of Jean Nozzi

Elizabeth Niski, Dawn Dybas, Kathleen Joyce, Karen Jurcsak and Linda Sarnowicz


In Memory of Linda Marshall

Lisa Spagnola and Cheryl Koontz


In Memory of Helen Popielarz

Tami and Thomas Popielarz


In Memory of Andy Iannotti

Bonnie Babravich


In Memory of Margarette Caldwell

E. Norman McGrattan


In Memory of William Armstrong

Lynn Armstrong


In Memory of “Ollie” and “Maddie” Tollner-Curtis

Betty and David Tollner


In Memory of Tess

Carol Canale


In Memory of “Buster” Heiligman

Carol and Frank Natale


In Memory of “Bee” Allegretti

Darlene Rogers


In Honor of Bruce Kohout

Andrew Kohout


In Honor of Tyler Giagni’s 3rd Birthday

Amber Filippone


In Honor of Junior Brown and Cee Brown

Christine and Howard Brown


In Honor of Susan and Charles White

Kathy and Judy

Lois Seigal and Annie


In Honor of Lisa and James Van Avery

Richard and Carol Levine


In Honor of Richard and Jeannette Finn

Bryan, Rebecca and Bryan Patrick Finn