Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Thank you to everyone who donated In Memory Of and In Honor Of your loved ones.


In Memory of Fred and Alice Padula

Anna Zaino


In Memory of Donna DePalma

Anita and John Hopkins


In Memory of Catherine Acela

Mr. and Mrs. C Kuiber


In Memory of “Mel” Brown

Laurie Brown


In Memory of Nicholas Auriemma

Christine DiCaprio-Yandik

Joe Auriemma and Jhan Phillips

David and Janice Sheckton

Jeffrey Judd

John and Roseann Auriemma

Diane and Gene Greco

Linda and Dana Lizotte

Theresa DiCaprio

Deborah and Vinny Lansburg

Janet and Ted Dick

Judy and Bob Swanker

Marion Bienick

James Raczynski

Helen and Joseph Bartone

Mary and Michael Ochal

Carol and Charles Phillips

Shelly and William Janeski


In Memory of Alexander Zimmerman

Mohawk Valley Orthopedics

Eloy and Krystyna Emeterio

Marget Barnett

Marie Austin

Clara Bartosik

Sandy Zarecki

Patricia and Peter Marcucia

Sandra Finkle Rubin

Jeanne and Richard Jankunas

Amsterdam Rotary Club

Al and Joan Tomitz

Charla and Peter Barkevich

Martina and John Putman

Elizabeth and T. Donald Rapello

Amalia and Frederick Quist

Joan Simmons

Krajewski Building and Remodeling

Jacque and Bill Bresonis

Erika and Klaus Beckmann

Roberta and Robert Kelly

Madeline McCune

Faith Stark

Johanna and Michael DelCostello

Grace Perfetti

Diane Ferguson

Pamela and John Hotaling

Maureen Rossi

Jane and William Bowler

Jan and Michael Zumbolo

Dina and Rocco Rotundo

Joyce Gorman


In Memory of Sophie Gomula

Victoria and Timothy Fryc

Marie and Gordon Schaulfelberg


In Memory of Sean Butterly

Liz Ann and Donald Whalen

Nancy Butterly


In Memory of Joseph Schumacher

Erica Schumacher

Evan Rosenbaum

Jeanne Wilson


In Memory of Barbara Sargalis

Florence and Lyman White


In Memory of Barbara Persico

Kelly Swart

Anne DeVito

Maria Dudden

Janice Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bert DeRose

Paula Salatel

Stephanie Persico

Felicia Persico

Sue and Robert Greco

Joan Crowley

Diane Sisario

Sharon and Ed Walega and Family

Angela and Ronald Rusik

Gloria and Larry Yevoli

Frank Petrosino

Diane and Thomas Wren

Tom Cosentino, Jr.

George Sandy

Marilyn Ottati

Faith Stark

Mary-Jo and Angelo Verderese