Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Thank you to everyone who donated In Memory Of and In Honor Of your loved ones.


In Memory of Fred and Alice Padula

Anna Zaino


In Memory of Donna DePalma

Anita and John Hopkins


In Memory of Catherine Acela

Mr. and Mrs. C Kuiber


In Memory of “Mel” Brown

Laurie Brown


In Memory of Nicholas Auriemma

Christine DiCaprio-Yandik

Joe Auriemma and Jhan Phillips

David and Janice Sheckton

Jeffrey Judd

John and Roseann Auriemma

Diane and Gene Greco

Linda and Dana Lizotte

Theresa DiCaprio

Deborah and Vinny Lansburg

Janet and Ted Dick

Judy and Bob Swanker

Marion Bienick

James Raczynski

Helen and Joseph Bartone

Mary and Michael Ochal

Carol and Charles Phillips

Shelly and William Janeski


In Memory of Alexander Zimmerman

Mohawk Valley Orthopedics

Eloy and Krystyna Emeterio

Marget Barnett

Marie Austin

Clara Bartosik

Sandy Zarecki

Patricia and Peter Marcucia

Sandra Finkle Rubin

Jeanne and Richard Jankunas

Amsterdam Rotary Club

Al and Joan Tomitz

Charla and Peter Barkevich

Martina and John Putman

Elizabeth and T. Donald Rapello

Amalia and Frederick Quist

Joan Simmons

Krajewski Building and Remodeling

Jacque and Bill Bresonis

Erika and Klaus Beckmann

Roberta and Robert Kelly

Madeline McCune

Faith Stark

Johanna and Michael DelCostello

Grace Perfetti

Diane Ferguson

Pamela and John Hotaling

Maureen Rossi

Jane and William Bowler

Jan and Michael Zumbolo

Dina and Rocco Rotundo

Joyce Gorman

Ruth Waters

Marylou and Craig Freis

Fay Holt


In Memory of Sophie Gomula

Victoria and Timothy Fryc

Marie and Gordon Schaulfelberg


In Memory of Sean Butterly

Liz Ann and Donald Whalen

Nancy Butterly


In Memory of Joseph Schumacher

Erica Schumacher

Evan Rosenbaum

Jeanne Wilson

Callanan Industries


In Memory of Barbara Sargalis

Florence and Lyman White

Joan Crowley


In Memory of Barbara Persico

Kelly Swart

Anne DeVito

Maria Dudden

Janice Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bert DeRose

Paula Salatel

Stephanie Persico

Felicia Persico

Sue and Robert Greco

Joan Crowley

Diane Sisario

Sharon and Ed Walega and Family

Angela and Ronald Rusik

Gloria and Larry Yevoli

Frank Petrosino

Diane and Thomas Wren

Tom Cosentino, Jr.

George Sandy

Marilyn Ottati

Faith Stark

Mary-Jo and Angelo Verderese

Christine and Edmond Galka

Debra and John Betz


In Memory of Kevin Rogers

Liz and Sal Andolina

Kathleen Pfeiffer

Clyde Jasinski

Caroline Wierzbowski

Kathleen Lee

Division of Air Resources –

Kristine Kelly, John Sheppard, Barbara Esmond, Bonnie Snedecor and Debra Walker

Jackie Burns

Catherine Coblish

R.F Blankenbaker, Jr.

Nancy and Ed Cole


In Memory of Kathleen Drenzek

SI Group

Debbie and Kevin McClary


In Memory of Frank Krzysko

Mary Martin

Mary Lockhart and Gloria Lockhart

Edmond Krzysko

Jeanette Jurusik

Olga Czelusniak

Karen LaPlante

Edward Majewski

Christine Andrzejewski

Sharon and Ron Kaszuba and Family


In Memory of Peter Syzdek

Valerie Syzdek


In Memory of Dan Stanklaus

Terri Wohlgemuth


In Memory of Julia Dzuba

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame Staff


In Honor of Skyler Wheaton’s Birthday

Kimberly Scannell and Allie VanLuyle


In Memory of Russell Catalano

Cari, Dan, Austin, & Brayden Cooper

Thomas Nowicki

Michelle and Rodger Airey

Mary Farina

Matthew Dzierga


In Memory of Diane Garrasi

Christina J., Lisa Z., Judy G., Erin C., Karla F., Kathy M., Toni S., Lori G., Scott M.,

Karen C., Christina T., Pat W., Suzanne L., Rebecca S., Carlos P., Beth K.,

Bridget C., Audrey B. and Lisa B.

Toni Stafford

Diane Yarosis

Mary-Jo and Angelo Verderese

Eileen Finn

Tina and Brian Blakely

Sue and William Bruce

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Folmsbee

Mary Cain

Diane Smith

Carmen Santiago, Kelly Flewelling, Edie DiCaprio and David Fariello /

St. Mary’s Healthcare Employees

Mark Stipano

Nickolena and Sandra Blankenbaker

Rlizabeth Hitt and Michele Walsh


In Memory of Louis Noto

L-H IAS Guild


In Memory of Sylvia Salerno

Pamela Ruf

Claudia Jurus

Terrance and Rosetta Robbins

Dana Cullen


In Memory of Harold Fleming

Donna Kutinskas


In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Habla

John and Sandra Krajewski


In Memory of Agnes Iannotti Donnelly

Emily Iannotti

Barbara and James Uhlinger

Joseph Dignazio

Mary-Jo and Angelo Verderese

Susan McNamara

Madeleine Calella

Carl and Elaine Conti


In Memory of Ralph Tambasco

Helen Levandosky

Verney Vogel

Gloria and Joseph Kaczmarek

Claudia and Joseph Somers

Mr. and Mrs. George Rossi

Kathleen Durrant

Kim and John Valik

Karen and Fred Bever

Janet and Bill Agresta

Linda and Sam Palazzole


In Memory of Norbert Fryc

Janet and Ted Dick


In Memory of Dr. Roger Miller

Gloria Noto


In Memory of Evelyn Rimkunas

Lois Seigal


In Memory of Virginia Sahler

Linda and Peter DeMasi

Anne DeGroff

Anne Frank

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jaracz

St. Mary’s Hospital Patient Outreach Dept – Toni Macera, Vivan Kellogg, Margie Savoie,

Kathy Moore and Renee Iler


In Memory of Clara Brumley

Carol Hartford

Carol Thompson

Grace Perfetti

Patricia and Michael Schuttig

Karen and Anthony Pallotta

Susan Brumley

Donna and Allan VanDeBogart

Elizabeth and Robert Donohue

Betty and Tom Minnitti

Jackie Greco

Patricia Drygula

Lisa Cappuccio

Mann Family

Sherman and Wendy Warren-Bowman

Susan and Richard Peters

Erika and Charles Kuiber

Tammy, Brittany and Shawna Thackrah

Bonnie and Sisto Surento

Charla and Peter Barkevich

Lynne and James Frye


In Memory of Gladys Queeney

Gail Sharp


In Memory of Ming Soberano

InvestorPlace Media


In Memory of “Phoenix” Taylor

Doreen and Wayne Wnuk


In Memory of Anthony Ottati

Patricia Balestra

Bert DeRose

Sandra Carriola

Vito Tambasco

Virginia Houlihan

Noreen and Dick Gulnick

Suzanne and Robert Nowak

Grace Tambasco

Lee and James Capece

Mildred and Frank DiBlasi

Cathy and John London

James and Theresa Engle-Ottati

Madeline Calella

Patricia Ottati

Josephine and Carmen Greco

Ann and Joseph Reynolds

Dolores Hage

Frank Petrosino and Wanda Sinda

Mary Ann Riley

Regina Cassetta

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Williard Alexaitis

Mary and John Garwacki

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cassetta

Teresa Boschi

Violet Orscian

Ponzi Boschi

Michael Cappuccio

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Stellato

Vito Martuscello

Audrey Russo


In Memory of Mary Montuoro

Loretta Wiesner


In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Habla

The Habla Family


In Memory of Richard Jagielski

Audrey Russo


In Memory of Mona Mayo

Patti and Lou Marotta

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lyons

Barbara Bradley and Tom McGuire


In Memory of George Drygula

Anita and Mark Bienick

Kim and Joseph Kelly

Elizabeth Guadagno

Rebecca Gibson

Deborah McHale

Stephanie Persico

Eric and Cynthia Dybas Kondrat

Arlene Sinatra and family


In Memory of Stanley Stankes

John Bablin

Robert Degutis

Mary Ann and Paul Butterfield

Marget Barnett

Carmella Makarowsky

Pat Tuttle

Rev. Stanislaus Swierzowski

Melanie Weitz

Susan and Frank Alibozek

Mark Makarowsky – Bedrock Construction

Linda Risch

Wanda and Thomas DiCaprio


In Memory of Lionel Fallows

Donald Levy


In Honor of “Missy” Tompkins

Nancy Zeiser


In Memory of Bonnie FitzJames

The Greco Family

Diane Hall

Dennis Dabiere

Janet and John Cetnar


In Memory of Elizabeth Guadagno

Jennie Gardner

George Schuttig

Robert Mesick

Arlene and John Galligan

Brenda and Jeffrey Hardies

John and Marlana Wojnar-Barscz

Michele Tomlinson

Kathleen Salisbury


In Memory of Dwight Shurtleff

Donald MacVean


In Memory of “Katie” Hewitt

Maureen Rossi


In Memory of Amy Reichel

Kathleen Fryc

Janet and Theodore Dick


In Honor of Margaret Ruth Hellauer

Marlon Lucero


In Memory of Doris Karchesky

Mr. and Mrs. John Gross and Family

Irene, Kathy and Pete Morey

Sue and Walt Playford

Marilyn Stangle

Ronald Owen

Joeann Gutowski

Chester Jerierski, Jr.

Ronald and Virginia Malicki

James and Mary Malicki

Gabriel and Evelyn DiCerbo


In Memory of T. Joan Felski

Jeannette Faure

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Swart

Mrs. Dolores Stankes

Jacqueline and Roger Vogel

Kim and Bill Sikora

Paul and Jeremy Hawkins, Pat Mannino, Steve and Debbie Mannino

Grace Tambasco

Mary Lou Crane


In Memory of Marlyn Novak

Christina Novak


In Memory of Mary Ann Agosta

Fran and Tony Kerchner

Pat Doncovich and Bob Baccari

Mr. and Mrs. Bert DeRose

Julia and Erwin Hull

Dolores Fraim


In Memory of Pamela Przybylo

Patricia Przybylo

Gail Przybylo

Jo Ann Saita


In Memory of Terry Fisher

Valerie and Todd Jones


In Honor of Bryanna and Mike Simons’ wedding and “Lennox” Simons

Colleen Nelson

Ariel Simons


In Memory of Sondra Yates DeThomasis

Denise and Richard Leszczenski

Cathy and Rob Sliwinski

Lisa Trubitt and Spiro Socaris

Annette Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leach, Jr


In Memory of “Abby” Iannotti-Biasini

Tammy Iannotti-Biasini


In Memory of Kathleen Lang

Edna Pazin

Charlene Bartman

Nancy Mars

Cheryl and Bob Dennison & Doreen and Donny Perretta

Wilda Lang Holloway


In Memory of Kenneth Wallin

Bertha and Tom Verde

Corinne and Bob Kowalski

Deborah and James Wallin

Peter Kanches

Janet and Theodore Dick

Tom Cosentino, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cosentino

Anne Keiley

Robert and Pauline Kosineski

Kathleen and Nicholas Miseno

Sandra and SJ McKay

Janice and James Kelly

Carol Rivera


In Memory of Carmen Surento

Marilyn Iannotti


In Memory of Luigi Marchionne

Jacque and Bill Bresonis

Debbie Eckler and Terry Martagon


In Memory of Norma Rich

Marilyn Iannotti

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lansburg

Mary-Jo and Angelo Verderese

Sandra Yutes

Pam and John Hotaling

Dolores Bonkowski

Barbara and Marc Szewczyk

Frank Greco

Rita and Paul Parillo

Sharon Hausman

Donna Ross

Karen Ahr

Gail and Richard Altieri

Cornelio and Geraldine Catena

Mary Iannotti

Cheryl and Michael Marzullo


In Memory of Joyce Zimmerman

Sherrie Scott


In Memory of Anthony Pasquariella

Dawn Prevendoski

Pat and Phil Kauffman

Arlene and Joe Natalie

Sue Adkins

Sandy and Dan Masterpolo

Darlyne Cognetti

Chris Martell

Richard and Marie Pidgeon

George and Madge Schrom

Marilyn and Mike Brennan

Joanne Breden

Neal and Gail Evans

Kristine and Richard Croce

Marjorie Hanna

Janet Bedian

Steven and Terri Reese

Diane and Hanna Jane Guendel


In Memory of Mary Noto

Patrick and Cindy McKeon


In Memory of Helen Kiuber

Sue Mosier


In Memory of Dana Tambasco

Peter, Andrew and Megan Tambasco

Tom and Barbara Tambasco

Sheila Hawkins

Jennifer, Gary and Kaitlyn Tambasco

Umberto and Barbara DeRose

Friends and Co-Workers of Jennifer Tambasco

William Pilecki

Mary and Vito Tambasco

Carol Rivera

Joyce and Edward Poulin

Delores Bieniek

Pam and Chuck Saul

Susan Pettica

Cathie Ozug


In Memory of John Babravich

Eric and Arlene Elzenbeck

Marie and Tom Joblonski

Pat and Harry Jordan

Jamie Barone

Lori Towne

Valerie Eisenhauer

Janice Smith

Joan and CJ Thomas

Ace and Sylvia Zielinski

Darlene Fetterly

Alexander and Elizabeth Knapik

Nancy and Tony Hroncich

Deborah and William Bedford

Mary and Andrew Iannotti

John and Kim Yalik

Lucy Buhrmaster

Marilyn Iannotti


In Memory of Pearl Wick

The Tonko Family