Foster Care Program

The Montgomery County SPCA needs caring, compassionate individuals to foster these animals for short time periods through our Foster Care Program.

There are many stray and unwanted cats that need our help.

Some of the lucky ones receive basic care from kind-hearted people who are unable to take them in, but are able to at least offer them food. We receive calls every day of the week from those who wish to surrender a litter of kittens or stray cats found in their immediate area or their cats that they can no longer provide the proper care required.

In response to this critical need, we constantly and actively seek temporary living situations for these animals until space becomes available at the shelter.

Can you help a mom and her litter?

Kittens at the Montgomery County SPCA aren’t eligible to be adopted until they reach ten to twelve weeks of age. We need volunteers to foster the kittens and their moms.

Becoming a foster parent is a great way to help. We need foster parents for:

• Mama cats with kittens too young to be placed for adoption.

• Kittens without a mother cat who need bottle feeding.

• Kittens who are eating on their own, but not big or old enough for spay and neuter surgery.

To insure that our volunteer foster homes will provide an appropriate setting for these animals, an application and home interview are a part of the process. This allows us to identify the right animals for the right foster homes. An ideal foster home for a particular cat might be one with no other pets, or perhaps one with no small children. Also, some animals may have special needs – medications that need to be administered or minor physical therapy. Each foster situation is considered individually. The foster home is the first step – once a space is available at the Animal Shelter, the foster pet will be transferred to the facility to continue its care until a new permanent home is found.

Become a part of the MCSPCA Foster Care Program by opening your home and heart to a homeless animal on a temporary basis.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent call us at (518) 842-8050, or email